Why Are There Suddenly So Many Cockroaches in My House?

Cockroach on a concrete floor

If you are a homeowner and wondering, "why are there suddenly so many cockroaches in my house" you might be surprised to see that most of the things that attract roaches in the house are avoidable. No one wants to have these pesky creatures, as they can create ugly scenarios.

Why Are There Suddenly So Many Cockroaches in My House?

The sudden increase in roaches is due to moisture in the house, which provides them with moist and warm places to survive and breed. Cockroaches thrive where they can build nests and reproduce quickly to enhance their survival chances. Other factors, such as the presence of food, ease of accessibility, and weather changes, can also lead to an increase in cockroaches.

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As a homeowner, it is essential to develop preventive mechanisms to prevent these creatures' multiplication. You can start by checking for leaking pipes or faucets, draining any stagnant water, and using a dehumidifier to eliminate moisture.

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Other Common Reasons

Other than the presence of moisture in your house, other reasons could contribute to a cockroach infestation. Here are some of the reasons:

Potential Food Sources

It is natural for every living thing to thrive well in an area with enough food. Cockroaches are not an exception. The presence of food in your house will definitely attract these pests to survive—cockroaches like crumbs, fruits, spilled drinks, and any other uncovered food that sustains them.

Therefore, if you have food that can attract cockroaches to your house, it is important to cover and store it where the roaches can't reach. You can decide to store the food in the fridge or where you think the roaches won't reach. This will starve them and make it difficult for them to reproduce.

Presence of Entry Points

Cockroaches are well known to enter places like homes and offices with a lot of ease. This is due to their body size, which helps them squeeze and enter homes even in a tiny hole. They can enter through cracks, vents, crevices, doors, and windows. Ensure your house doesn’t have any of these openings that give roaches easy access. Person wearing white protective suit seen spraying pest chemicals directly into a carpet

You can cover these openings with caulking or any other sealant that could hinder their entry. Creating a barrier is also ideal. Using an insecticide that creates a barrier is also ideal. When sprayed along the perimeter of your house, it creates a barrier, making it difficult for the insects to enter the house.

The Ability of  Roaches to Breed Fast

Another common reason that can lead to a cockroach infestation is that they are fast breeders. Averagely, a female cockroach can produce more than 20 offspring. This is a big number, especially when your house has a lot of cockroaches. Suppose your house has over 50 female cockroaches, producing over 20 offspring. This means that you will have over 1000 new members in one month.

To deal with this problem, it is essential to implement pest control and inspect your house and get to know where their nests are. You can check your cupboard, under the couches, or on your mattress. After that, you can contact an exterminator to help eliminate them.

If you are DIYer, get a superior spray from Self Control Pest, spray the area, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck the nests. Ensure you dispose of the nests in a sealed bag to avoid dropping the cockroach eggs in the house. You don't want them to hatch again.

Presence of Household Clutter

Household clutter is another potential reason for a sudden increase in cockroaches in your house. This includes old newspapers, cardboard boxes, used books, and other items that have not been used for longer. These items provide a conducive environment for cockroaches to survive and breed.

To avoid this, ensure that these items are stored in an area that has been treated or has an insecticide barrier. You can also recycle some of the clutter so that it does not become the breeding ground for these pests.

Quick Ways of Eliminating Cockroaches

No one wants to leave with these pesky pests in their home. That is why it is essential to master quick ways to eliminate roaches before they become a nuisance. The following are some of the  ways you can get rid of  cockroaches quickly:Cockroach on a concrete floor

  • Set the trap to catch the cockroaches: The traps help to lure the roaches into a container where they cannot escape. You will then dispose of them in an enclosed bag. You can use sugar, oil, or crumbs to bait them
  • Starve them. Another great way of eliminating these pests is ensuring they have nothing to eat. You can do this by storing your food in a sealed container where they can hardly reach.
  • Set up a sticky board where there are many roaches. The sticky boards will help capture the cockroach, hindering them from entering the house. Always set the sticky boards in the entry points.
  • Contact a pest control company. Pest control chemicals can be dangerous, which is why a pest control company will help you eliminate cockroaches using pesticides that act faster and are safe around you and your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Smell Will Keep Cockroaches Away?

The smell of cypress oils, peppermint oils, and cedarwood oils is known to be effective in keeping cockroaches away. These essential oils have strong, pungent odors that cockroaches cannot stand. The oils are also natural and safe for humans and pets. 

What Kills Cockroaches Instantly?

Soapy water is one of the most effective ways of killing cockroaches instantly. The soap and water mixture will suffocate the cockroaches and quickly kill them. You can also use certain sprays and insecticides to kill cockroaches instantly. 


A cockroach infestation can be a nuisance to any household. To eliminate these creatures quickly and safely, identify the source of the cockroaches and take the necessary steps to stop them from entering your home. Sealing entry points is an ideal way to prevent cockroaches from entering the house.

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