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We hate pest management salespeople and their contracts almost as much as bugs.

90-Day Guarantee

If your pests seem unkillable, we’ll create a customized plan or provide you with a refund.

Even Small Bugs Can Be Big Problems

With quick and easy step-by-step instructions and a DIY kit that’s ready to go, we give you the power to put an end to your pest problem.



It’s Not Magic, It’s Science

What’s in the Box?

Your First Order

  • Bottle of pesticide concentrate
  • Battery-powered applicator spray wand
  • Mixing and application bag
  • Pair of non-latex gloves
  • How-to-apply and usage instructions

Subsequent Orders

  • Bottle of pesticide concentrate
  • Mixing and application bag
  • Pair of non-latex gloves
  • How-to-apply and usage instructions
Is the applicator spray wand reusable?

Yes, our applicator spray wands are reusable and should be saved for your next delivery. However, if you lost or tossed the original applicator wand, simply request a new one before your next order ships.

What type of pesticide is used?

We partner with pest control manufacturers and entomologists to select the highest-quality pesticides tested for safety and performance. Our pesticides are comparable to commercial-grade formulas used by local drive-by pest management companies. Every shipment comes with the original EPA-approved label, complete safety information, and application instructions.

What is the coverage area for each mixed bag of Self Control?

Each shipment of pesticide concentrate and mixing bag covers properties up to about 5,000 sq ft. If your property is larger, please contact our customer service team for more information.

Can I spray on plants?

Yes, it's perfectly safe to spray on bushes, trees, and grass. However, we do not suggest spraying the product on or around anything you intend to eat. Please see the product label for further usage information.