A Bug’s Worst Nightmare

It’s time to take matters into your own hands with do-it-yourself pest control. Because having bugs in your home is personal.


Our DIY kit makes it quick and easy to rid your home of pesky critters — as it should be.

Highly Effective

Never miss a bug thanks to our fast-acting, commercial-grade pest control technology.

Money Saver

Our DIY subscription-based model is designed to break a bug’s spirit but not the bank.

As Easy as 1… 2… Dead

We deliver the firepower straight to your door, along with easy step-by-step instructions, so you can get spraying within minutes.

Love the products, packaging and the fact that every 3 months, I get a package of new product without even thinking about it!

Megan G.

Used several DIY options from stores, and have paid for professional pest control to help keep the bugs at bay. Self Control is the best of both worlds.

David R.

It’s been a few weeks or so since I’ve used it and I haven’t had a bug inside my house, they are all dead outside the doors. Very impressed!

Brett S.