Hasta La Vista, Bugs

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So, How Does the DIY Kit Work?

Our year-round DIY Pest Control Kit is delivered right to your door, making it quick and easy to create a lasting barrier and eliminate anything crawling around your home. Those bugs won’t know what hit them.

Step 1

Fill the application bag with water by completely inserting a standard garden hose for no spillage. Then, add the bottle of pesticide concentrate. Fair warning: you might feel the same joy as a mad scientist.

Step 2

Attach the battery-powered applicator spray wand and shake the application bag vigorously to mix. How vigorously? Imagine you’re trying to drown all the bugs inside the bag.

Step 3

Spray a steady stream outside the perimeter of your home, two feet up walls and two feet out on the ground. And if you happen to run into some bugs, spray them too for good measure — they started it.

It’s Time to Take Back Control

Bugs multiply fast, so you have to be faster. Our DIY Pest Control Kit makes sure you always stay one step ahead of the pests. What are you waiting for?