Is Getting Pest Control Worth It?

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Dealing with pests can be a hassle. The process takes a lot of time and effort actually to keep pests away. To save yourself from doing it, you should hire professional help. The question, though, is getting pest control worth it? 

Is Getting Pest Control Worth It? 

Getting pest control is worth it. Professional pest extermination service gives faster and better effectiveness than when you do it yourself. However, make sure you choose professional pest killers that provide excellent service. 

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Professional pest exterminators will likely do a better job keeping your place pest-free. They also save you time, money, and effort if you think about it in the long run. They also have far better knowledge of handling pests than us, so it’s more likely their work will keep pests out for a long time. 

While you can handle small infestations, it’s better to get professional service if it's a significant one. If you want to handle pest control on your own, make sure you know what you’re doing, or else that small infestation could grow, and you will eventually need professional help anyways. 

Pros of Getting Pest Exterminators

If you’re still hesitant about getting professional help, here are some benefits of hiring them:

They Have the Right Equipment and Training for Getting Rid of Pests

You often need the right equipment to deal with large pest infestations. Most of the time, the equipment is expensive. Pest exterminators also have far longer experience dealing with pests. 

Pest control can be dangerous and some pesticides aren’t available for you to use. They require certifications to use, which professional pest exterminators have with their training and experience. 

Professional pest exterminators also know how to properly handle the equipment so they can operate without placing your family and pets at risk.

Person wearing white protective gear while holding pesticide solution in a white spray bottle

They Provide Better Effectiveness in the Long Run

The best professional pest exterminators guarantee that pests won’t return for a long time. While doing it yourself can keep away pests, it may not be good enough to keep them away for a long time. 

Often, they will give you tips on preventing pest infestation from coming back in the future. 

Some of the best even ensure that your home is pest-free by checking on you for some time. This sometimes happens because there might be other unsealed entryways that haven’t been discovered. This is especially true if you have a large house. 

They Give You Less Stress

Dealing with pests can be stressful, especially if they gross you out. Hiring a professional to do the work for you keeps your mind at ease and saves you time to do other things. 

Professionals are also less likely to damage your home doing the process than when you do it yourself (if we assume you don’t know how to do it and rely on guides). 

Cons of Getting Pest Exterminators

While hiring pest extermination has a lot of advantages, there are also downsides to getting one. We’ll break them down. 


Hiring a professional pest extermination service will cost you a lot of money for a one-time service. That means you might have to spend more if you have a bigger pest infestation problem. Hence, you want to get the best possible service in your area. 

Mediocre Service

You may get scammed for a subpar service. Though there are reviews and feedback to help you, you should cut corners and go for a cheaper service. Make sure you prioritize quality over cost. 

Some pest exterminators might not do an excellent job at keeping pests off your house. This will make you spend more on returning services. 

What Does Pest Control Actually Do?

Pest extermination or control usually goes to your location and thoroughly inspects. They would likely look for:

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  • What pests are infesting your home
  • Possible entryways the pests are coming from
  • Sources of food, water, and shelter

Afterward, they usually give tips to prevent the pests from invading your home again. For rodents, most pest killers would use traps, bait stations, and sealing entry points so they won’t return. 

For other pests, like beetles in your house, they generally spray your entire house to eliminate all the pests and their eggs. The spray will also linger and keep off the pests from coming back for at least 3 months. 

How to Choose the Right Pest Control

  • Check the company or service license and liability insurance. Also, make sure that the people who will work on your house have up-to-date certifications
  • If you think something isn’t right, get a second opinion and ask around the local community for feedback. 
  • If you plan to sign up for seasonal services, make sure that you read the contract's contents carefully to know what you are getting into. Make sure you know what services and coverage are included in the contract. 
  • Do your research. Look for third-party reviews. Reputation is important for this kind of service, so a good company is usually popular and has high ratings for its social media presence. 

Related Questions

How Often Should You Pest Control Your Home?

If your home is more than likely to contain insects and rodents, then you should have your home maintained for pests or serviced every two or three months. Some do it once every 6 months or even a year. 

Is Pest Control Worth It for a New House?

Yes, if you want your new house to have preventive measures for pest infestations. Implementing pest control is important and preventing any potential pest infestations will keep your home tidy and free of potential pest damage. 

How Long Should Pest Control Last?

Pest exterminating treatment should last for about 30 to 90 days, which is protection only. You should mop less frequently in order not to remove the treatment fast. 


Pest control is worth it at the end of the day as long as you get a reputable pest extermination company. It will save you a lot of time and effort to do it yourself. Although excellent DIY products, like Self Control Pest are great, they still require your time.  

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