How Do I Get Rid of Joro Spiders?

Yellow Joro spider hanging on its web outdoors

How do I get rid of joro spiders? This common question has been boggling homeowners over time as joro spiders continue multiplying. Even though they pose minimal risk to humans, these creatures can be challenging to eliminate when allowed to multiply. Therefore, acting quickly will help keep them at bay.

How Do I Get Rid of Joro Spiders?

The most effective way of getting rid of joro spiders is using insecticides containing bifenthrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, and deltamethrin. The insecticide work by interfering with the nervous system of the spiders. When absorbed into the body through the skin, the product prevents signal transmission, paralyzing the spider to death.

Always remember that these are chemical-based products and can have side effects on humans. Wear protective gloves to avoid skin irritation.

Joro spider hanging from its webs

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Engaging the experts is also ideal for helping you learn the DIY methods of eliminating these pests. Self Control Pest is your number one destination for DIY methods. Subscribe to our email and get unlimited advice on eliminating pests like spiders. Our pest control product is not dangerous and can effectively eliminates pests without harming you and your family.

Other Ways of Keeping Joro Spiders at Bay

As time passes, spiders may become resistant to the traditional methods of eliminating pests. That is why you need to learn and adopt other ways of getting rid of spiders through proper pest control to ensure your house does not become home to these creatures. The following are other ways you can eliminate spiders:

Using Repellents That Produce a Scent

These are readily available products you probably have in your kitchen cabinet that will help you keep spiders away. They produce scents spiders find irritating, making them leave your house quickly. Here are some examples of these products:

  • Vinegar: The smell of vinegar is an excellent way of keeping spiders away. It works by confusing spiders, making them go away from your house. Mix vinegar and water and spray where they congregate. Do this continuously for a week to achieve the best result.
  • Garlic: Garlic is another good way of driving away spiders naturally. It works the same as vinegar. Thoroughly mash a certain amount of garlic, add water, and let sit for at least seven hours. After seven hours, spray the mixture in your entire home.
  • Peppermint: The best way is to plant mint around your house, especially near the windows and doors. You can also add essential oils and water, then spray around these areas. For the best result, add cinnamon, eucalyptus oils, and lavender oils.

Eliminate the Spiders’ Webs

Webs are the spider’s breeding ground, and removing them means you have interfered with their reproduction. The next thing they will do is seek refuge elsewhere. Most of these webs are found around the basement, walls, ceiling, and damp areas.Yellow Joro spider hanging from its web outdoors

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There are many ways of destroying these webs. You can use brooms or any hard object to bring down the webs. Also, spray these areas using an insecticide to prevent spiders from attaching their webs on these surfaces.

Remove Any Food Sources

Spiders are predators that feed on other insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, beetles, and moths. Simply get rid of these insects, and spiders will starve. This will make them leave your home to go search for food elsewhere. 

Ensure you use an ideal product from a reputable company to keep these insects away. At Self Control Pest, we have a proven, affordable, and effective DIY product that eliminates spiders and comprehensive guides on how to get rid of these creatures. Visit our page to learn more about DIY methods.

Set Spider Traps

This is an effective way of eliminating spiders without killing them. The method is easy and only requires you to set traps near the windows, doors, and other entry points that the spiders might use to access your house. 

After a particular time, you will collect the spiders and take them far from your home. You can purchase these traps from online stores or stores near you. They come with an instructional sheet to guide you.

Clean Up Your Yard

Most spiders build their webs inside your yard as it provides them with food and also helps them hide from predators. Remember that insects such as flies like dirty places where they find their food. So an increase in flies means there is plenty of food for spiders since they feed on insects such as flies and moths.

Therefore, cleaning your yard helps keep other insects away; in the long run, the spiders will find food elsewhere. Cleaning your yard also helps you stay away from health problems brought about by pests such as fleas.Yellow Joro spider hanging on its web outdoors

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Benefits of Joro Spiders in Your Home

Despite being a nuisance, spiders can benefit homeowners in other ways. They help keep other insects that spread diseases in check by feeding on them. For example, spiders feed on moths, beetles, mosquitoes, and fleas. 

These spiders are also a food source for mud dauber wasps, which is beneficial because they eat black widows.

Related Questions

Where Do Joro Spiders Lay Their Eggs?

These spiders lay their eggs inside an insulated cocoon in the fall before dying when the weather reaches freezing in the late fall. The eggs will hatch when the weather becomes warm, and the young spiders will spread and begin their life cycle again.

What Diseases Can You Get From Spiders?

Some spiders contain a toxic venom that can cause systemic illnesses, skin lesions, and neurotoxicity in humans. However, this is a rare case because most spiders have venom that is less toxic to humans.

Can You Get an Infection From a Spider?

Yes, one can get infected by a spider bite. This usually starts with warmth to the touch and redness of the skin. You can also experience unending skin itching. Use warm water and soap to clean the wound to avoid further problems.


Spiders can be challenging to eliminate, especially when unfamiliar with the elimination methods. This is because they are highly erratic and fast; catching one of these spiders and putting them somewhere safe is impossible. Therefore, protect yourself from these creatures using appropriate methods and enjoy life!

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