How To Keep Spiders Away Permanently in 2024

How To Keep Spiders Away Permanently (2024)

In the quest for a spider-free home, finding lasting solutions can be challenging yet highly rewarding. As we step into 2024, our understanding of effective, environmentally friendly pest control methods has significantly advanced, allowing for more permanent resolutions to spider invasions. This guide delves into proven strategies to keep these eight-legged visitors at bay, ensuring your living space remains a no-crawl zone throughout the year.

Understanding Spider Attraction And Taking Preventative Measures

To effectively deter spiders, it's crucial to understand what attracts them to our homes. Primarily, spiders venture indoors in search of food and shelter. By addressing these fundamental needs, we can significantly reduce our homes' appeal to these arachnids.

Taking preventative measures to keep spiders out of your home involves a combination of environmental management, physical barriers, and chemical deterrents. Expanding on the strategies mentioned, let’s delve deeper into how you can fortify your home against these unwelcome arachnids.

Enhanced Environmental Management

  • Reduce Outdoor Lighting: Spiders are not attracted to light, but the insects they prey on are. Minimize outdoor lighting or switch to motion-activated lights to reduce the insect population that spiders feed on.
  • Landscaping Care: Keep trees and shrubs pruned back from your home's exterior. Vegetation in direct contact with your house can serve as a bridge for spiders and other pests to enter.
  • Eliminate Water Sources: Spiders, like all living beings, require water. Fix leaky faucets, ensure proper drainage away from your home’s foundation, and keep gutters clean to avoid creating attractive water sources for both spiders and their prey.

Strengthening Physical Barriers

  • Window and Door Screens: Ensure that all windows and doors have well-fitted screens without tears or gaps. Fine mesh screens can prevent entry of smaller spider species.
  • Chimney Guards: Install chimney guards to prevent spiders and other pests from entering through the chimney.
  • Vents and Utility Openings: Cover vents and utility openings with fine wire mesh to block entry points without restricting airflow.

Natural and Chemical Deterrents

  • Essential Oils: Beyond peppermint oil, spiders also dislike the scent of tea tree, citrus, lavender, and eucalyptus oils. Using these oils in your cleaning solutions or diffusing them can help keep spiders away.
  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE): This natural, nontoxic powder can be sprinkled in areas where spiders are likely to enter or hide. DE causes dehydration in spiders by absorbing the oils and fats from their exoskeletons.
  • Regular Use of Vacuum and Dusting: Spiders like to hide in corners, under furniture, and behind curtains. Regular vacuuming and dusting can remove spiders, webs, and egg sacs before they become a bigger problem.

What To Do When Preventative Measures Don’t Work

When preventative measures fall short, and spiders still find their way into your home, it's crucial to consider other effective spider control options. These strategies can range from natural remedies to more direct intervention methods, ensuring that you can maintain a spider-free environment even when initial preventive efforts aren't entirely successful.

Direct Removal Techniques

One immediate method to control spiders is through direct removal. This can be done using a vacuum cleaner to suck up spiders, webs, and egg sacs. Regularly inspecting corners, under furniture, and less-trafficked areas of your home allows for timely removal before spiders can establish themselves. For those uncomfortable with close encounters, tools like spider catchers that allow for catch-and-release without harming the spider or requiring close contact can be a humane and effective solution.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Adopting an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach involves combining physical, biological, and chemical methods to control pests in the most environmentally sensitive and effective manner. This may include modifying the habitat around your home to make it less attractive to spiders, using natural predators to biological control spider populations, and applying chemical controls as a last resort.

Professional Pest Control Services

In cases where the spider infestation is large, professional pest control services can provide a more robust solution. Pest control professionals have access to a wider range of products and techniques that are not available to the general public. They can also offer customized solutions based on the specific type of spiders and the extent of the infestation. Additionally, professionals can identify and treat potential entry points and nesting sites, preventing future infestations.

However, when it comes to spider infestations, professional pest control services can become extremely expensive. Oftentimes, they greatly upcharge for services that you could likely handle yourself, if you have the right tools and the know how. That’s why if you’re handy or cost-conscious, you should look into effective DIY options before making the leap for the costly professionals.

DIY Solutions

If the spider population persists, some DIY solutions like natural and chemical pesticides offer a next-level defense. In terms of natural options, diatomaceous earth (a powdery substance made from fossilized algae) can be sprinkled in areas prone to spider activity. It works mechanically, not chemically, by puncturing the exoskeletons of spiders, leading to dehydration. Another natural solution involves using a spray made from water and essential oils like peppermint, lavender, or tea tree oil, known for their spider-repellent properties.

For more severe infestations, chemical pesticides may be necessary. When selecting a pesticide, it's important to choose products specifically labeled for spider control to ensure effectiveness and safety. Always follow the product's instructions closely to minimize risk to yourself, your family, and pets. Some pesticides offer residual effects, creating a barrier that continues to kill or repel spiders long after application.

Embracing a Long-term Solution with Self Control Pest

For a comprehensive and lasting solution to spider control, integrating preventative measures with the strategic use of products like Self Control Pest can significantly enhance your efforts. This DIY Pest Control Subscription provides all the necessary tools and substances to tackle spider infestations head-on while emphasizing safety and environmental responsibility. By following a regular maintenance schedule and adapting strategies based on seasonal changes, you can achieve and maintain a spider-free home effectively.

Comprehensive Coverage

Self Control Pest offers a DIY Pest Control Kit that includes a commercial-grade pesticide proven effective against a wide range of pests, including all common varieties of spiders. This ensures that not only are current inhabitants dealt with, but future potential invaders are also deterred, providing a long-term solution to spider control.

Safety and Environmental Consideration

A significant concern with many pest control solutions is the safety of pets, children, and the environment. Self Control Pest addresses these concerns head-on with its environmentally friendly formulation that’s safe to use around your family and pets when applied as directed. This gives homeowners peace of mind, knowing their spider control efforts aren’t compromising the health and safety of their loved ones.

Ease of Use

The Self Control Pest kit comes with everything needed to apply the pesticide effectively, including a battery-powered applicator spray wand, mixing and application bag, and non-latex gloves. This makes the application process straightforward, eliminating the guesswork and potential mishandling associated with more traditional pesticides.

Economical and Efficient

By putting the power of pest control in your hands, Self Control Pest eliminates the need for expensive, ongoing professional services. The DIY kit is designed for easy application, providing a protective barrier around your home that keeps spiders out for good. With the subscription service, the effective pesticide is delivered to your door on a recurring schedule, so keeping your home spider-free becomes a simple part of routine maintenance, saving you time and money in the long run.


For those looking for a blend of DIY flexibility and professional-grade effectiveness, Self Control Pest offers an unparalleled solution to both eliminating spider infestations and preventing future issues. Whether you're facing a current infestation or proactively safeguarding your home against future invasions, this product stands out as the best choice for comprehensive spider control. Its combination of safety, effectiveness, and ease of use makes it an ideal solution for any homeowner determined to maintain a spider-free environment while saving hundreds on professional services.

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