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If at anytime during the 90-days after your first application of Self Control you're not satisfied, simply contact us. We'll gladly send you a new shipment, work out a customized plan for your bug problem, or simply provide you a refund.


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Can I use Self Control Pest around children and pets?

Getting rid of bugs in and around your home is our primary goal. The pest control formulas we provide to our customers are fully registered, sourced from, and used in hospitals, schools, and more. As with any pesticide application, certain safety measures need to be followed while applying. Pets and children should not come in contact with treated areas until the pesticide has fully dried; usually about 30 minutes. A complete set of safety measures and instructions are included with each shipment.

What pesticide ingredients are used?

We partner with pest control manufacturers and experts to select and ship the highest quality, proven pesticides that are optimized for your specific location and the bugs in your area. Every pesticide solution that we ship to our customers has been thoroughly tested for safety and performance efficacy, and is usually the same or better than what local drive-by pest control companies are using. Every shipment comes with the original EPA-approved label, full safety information, and application instructions.

Can I spray indoors?

For most of our customers, we recommend an outdoor barrier sprayed around the home. In most cases, this is extremely effective at getting rid of pests inside your home. In rare cases where it's necessary to spray indoors as well, the pesticide can be applied using a light spray while taking additional precautions such as moving any human or pet food and waiting for the product to dry before any contact. Only a light spray is needed. Before spraying indoors, you should read the included label for full safety information and instructions.

What is the coverage area for each mixed bag of Self Control Pest?

Your shipment typically covers homes up to about 5,000 square feet. If you have a larger home, please contact our customer service team for more information.

How does your “product guarantee” work?

We’re confident that you’re going to love Self Control Pest. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results or the products we sell, we will do whatever it takes to make it right—send specialty treatments, personalized treatment plans, or provide a full refund. Just contact our support team, and we'll gladly help you. 

How do I cancel my Self Control Pest subscription?

Just log into your account to cancel, pause, or modify your subscription or contact our support team, and we'll get it handled.

Can I postpone the delivery of my next Self Control Pest shipment?

Of course. Simply click the view order from your confirmation email. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page Subscription customer portal from your original order confirmation and click on "Visit the customer portal" to open up the portal and set a later date for when the next shipment should arrive.

Why is Self Control Pest so much less expensive than professional pest treatment companies?

It’s simple. There are no salespeople and no so-called technicians with Self Control. We put all the control literally into your hands, so there's pest control companies and exorbitant sales commissions. Many of the largest pest control firms pay their Salesforce as much as 50% of the contract value! After paying their salespeople, they pay for technician's salaries, trucks, and equipment. When you buy Self Control Pest, there are no middlemen, and you enjoy all the savings; up to 74% of what you would pay one of the "drive-by" pest control companies you never see, except for the monthly invoice they send you.

Can I spray on plants? 

In short, yes, it's perfectly acceptable to spray on bushes trees and grass. However, we do not suggest this be sprayed on or around anything you intend to eat. Please see product label for further usage information.

What should I wear and how do I safely apply?

As always, our customers come first, and we want you to be safe. At a minimum, please wear gloves, a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and closed toe shoes. Also, please read and follow the provided instructions on the pesticide label, as well as the instructions and safety precautions provided with your shipments.  

Does your product really kill scorpions?

Yes! If after several applications you still detect scorpions, try a slightly different technique. On your next application, add the full pesticide concentrate to your mixing bag as you did before. Add only half the amount of water (1/2 gallon), and apply the mixture around your home using the same technique as previously instructed. That should do the trick.  

Who are the founders of Self Control Pest?

A fire fighter and a dentist; two best friends who decided to put their careers aside and create a new, innovative approach to pest control. They know homeowners are tired of the cost and inconvenience of traditional pest control methods. Self Control is the next-generation solution that gives families the power to eliminate insects and delivers a remarkable customer experience. 




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